Quality Inspector - First articles (Evening)

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Quality Manager, the quality inspector will be responsible for performing visual and dimensional inspection activities. He / she will have to ensure the conformity of the first machined part according to the requirements of the customer and the established quality standards.


  • Perform first production part inspection (FAI) , in-process and final inspections;
  • Ensure the documentation of the results of the inspection (FAI, certificates, reports of nonconformities, etc.);
  • Perform dimensional control using equipment such as stirrups, depth gauges, micrometers and CMM;
  • Identification and treatment of non-conformities;

Job qualifications

  • Vocationnal diploma in machining or any other training paired with relevant experience will also be considered;
  • Possess work experience in a similar position;
  • Knowledge of metrology concepts;
  • Ability to operate and program a Zeiss CMM;
  • Bilingual ( French and english)