CNC Machinist

Job Description

The CNC Operator / Machinist will have to run and set up machines for the machining of complex and high precision workpieces. The machining operator will also be responsible for monitoring the machining process and ensuring conformity to the specifications required by the customer.


• Machining parts using CNC Lathe machines;
• Reading and interpreting machining drawings, manufacturing drawings and specifications of any complexity;
• Adjustment of machining parameters;
• Install the cutting tools and mount the parts on the machine;
• Implementation and adjustment of tools;
• Verify machined parts and ensure compliance with data and specifications;


Job qualifications

  • Vocationnal in machining techniques and specialization in cnc machining ;
  • Relevant experience with setting up lathe machines;
  • Experience in the aeronautical industry is an asset;
  • Ability to read and interpret drawings and data sheets in both English and French;
  • Ability to analyze and solve technical problems;