Life at LEESTA

LEESTA is a leader in the field of manufacturing, design and assembly of complex high precision parts destined to both the commercial aerospace and defense industry. We encourage the professional and personal development of all our employees. We wish to continue our growth by hiring ambitious and talented people who share our values and pursuit of excellence.

LEESTA is a family business which now spans over three generations who are all present in the company. The company has gone through many transformations over the years continuously building on the values and philosophy instilled by its founder. We have many employees who have been part of this family for decades, they are a vital part the business and reflect the integrity and values the company was built on.

LEESTA has created a philosophy in which individuals are recognized and respected for the quality of their work. Our company has grown with cultural diversity, everyone is treated and respected equally. The working environment we have created has created a team of employees that feel not only highly valued but as an integral part of the company’s success.

LEESTA firmly believes that the values and philosophies it was founded on to be critical in developing employees that are innovative. This fuels their pursuit of excellence which has made us an industry leader.

Work-Life Balance

LEESTA has always made it a priority to provide our employees with essential work-life balance. We understand that our team members are not only workers, but also parents, spouses, caregivers, family members, and community members. We have always sought to respect, protect and improve our employees' ability to care for their own mental and physical wellness, and pursue their personal interests without hindrance from the workplace.

Comfortable Working Environment

LEESTA is a 38,000 square-foot, air-conditioned, non-unionized workplace with state-of-the-art equipment. The shop is laid-out to optimize efficiency, productivity and comfort. We work only with the best tools for the job and seek to maintain a shop of which our employees can be proud. It is our duty to keep our workplace clean and and hazard-free.

Competitive Compensation & Benefits

LEESTA offers competitive wages and benefit packages that seek to attract, support and retain the best talent and staff in our specialized industry and local market. Our employees do not pay any union dues. Premiums are offered for second and third shifts.