What We Do

LEESTA Industries manufactures high precision parts and assemblies for the commercial Aerospace and Defense Markets. We specialize in machining complex, high-precision components on 4 to 8 axis CNC machines for our Jet Engine and Landing Gear customers.

Industries Served

Jet Engine Core Business
Bearing housing assemblies, tig and EB welded, made from stainless steel, titanium, inconel and castings

Landing Gear Core Business
Hydraulic actuators assemblies: manufacture, assembly and cycle testing

In addition to exceeding industry quality standards (AS9100C), LEESTA is a valued partner, providing its customers with a one-stop procurement solution.

  • Mature “Visual Enterprise” ERP/MRP system
  • Lights-out machining on 4/5 axis pallet pool machining centers (FMS)
  • Cellular lean manufacturing lines
  • Mill turn machines
  • 4/5 axis machining centers
  • Tig welding
  • Wire and Ram EDMs
  • CNC internal grinder
  • Prototype manufacturing engineering support
  • Certified CPW 152 power flush & patch test process for cleanliness
  • Continuous improvement program, UTC Supplier Gold
  • Stocking raw material, castings, details and assemblies
  • Online customer tracking of their jobs
  • Partner in one-stop processing shop NDT, plating, painting, assembly and grinding
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