LEESTA nurtures a culture of support and inclusiveness, where individuals are treated with respect, recognized for quality work, and met with genuine empathy. Since the beginning, we have believed in the golden rule of reciprocity, and that you get what you give. For these reasons, we make a concerted effort to treat our people with fairness, understanding and compassion. The returns are ever present and constantly evidenced.
Guided by Values
LEESTA’s goal is to foster an environment of excellence for our people, which we believe is reflected in the quality of our products and services for our clients. We also believe in the value of work-life balance, and the personal as well as professional growth and development of all our employees. That’s why our human resources policies are built around these fundamental values:
  • Excellence – in everything we do, how we treat our people and our customers
  • Innovation – is our purpose and essential ingredient to our success
  • Respect – is universally expected for our people, products, processes and professional and personal relationships
  • Inclusiveness, Openness and Diversity – greatness extends from the sum of all parts, no matter where they come from
  • Leadership – it is our duty to get the best out of our people as demonstrated through our example, expertise and experience
  • Empathy, Care & Reasonable Accommodations – we believe in the Golden Rule of reciprocity, fairness and compassion, especially when it’s needed most
  • Teamwork, Collaboration & Support – is perpetually available and how we succeed
  • Recognition – we believe that great work, achievements and attitude must be acknowledged
  • Integrity – in our working family, we expect our people to do the right thing, always
  • Accountability – errors must be swfitly self-reported in our critical industry
  • Honesty & Openness – we expect honesty and encourage employees to voice their opinions
  • Courage & Confidence – we trust in our employees’ abilities to produce quality work
  • Safety – it is our duty to keep our workplace clean and hazard free