Continuous improvement engineer

Job Description

Reporting to  the General Manager, the continuous improvement engineer will be responsible for promoting a culture of lean manufacturing throughout the company. He / she will be responsible for developing and implementing a strategic plan based on Lean methodologies within a dynamic and motivated team.


• Collaborate, as part of a continuous improvement team, in the conception and implementation of a strategic improvement plan based on the principles of "lean manufacturing";
• Work in collaboration with the management team to identify business improvement projects based on the short- and long-term strategic plan;
• Recommend and implement measures to increase the efficiency and quality of equipment and processes
• Identify opportunities to reduce non-value added work in a cost-control manner;
• Analyze and plan the use and optimization of work areas, resources capacity, equipment requirements, operational flow etc. in order to ensure maximum effectiveness;
Implement and monitor key productivity and cost metrics


Job qualifications

• Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering
• Proven work experience of at least 6 months in a similar position;
• Knowledge of business process improvement (e.g., Lean, Six Sigma, continuous improvement)
• Excellent communication and presentation skills,
interpersonal and project leadership skills
• Perfectly bilingual in English and French (spoken and written).


To be discussed